Natalie Portman Talks Inspiration Behind Slapping Chris Hemsworth for "Thor" on "GMA"

Natalie Portman Talks Inspiration Behind Slapping Chris Hemsworth for

Tending to promotional duties for her upcoming flick “Thor: The Dark World,” Natalie Portman stopped by ABC Studios in New York City on Thursday (November 7).

While chatting with the “Good Morning America” hosts, the 32-year-old actress revealed what it”s truly like to slap Chris Hemsworth.

“I think I was feeling the anger of all my sisters, my girlfriends, and I who have had those guys who don”t call back or disappear, or break your heart,” Miss Portman explained. “[Chris] was a good sport about it. He let me whack him a few times.”

“We have such a good time making the movies, and I feel like you can really see that in the movie itself cause it”s just really funny,” she added.

Also discussing her chance to work with Anthony Hopkins, Natalie stated, “I really felt like I missed out the last time because I was able to say I got to make a movie with Anthony Hopkins on “Thor” 1, but we didn”t have any scenes together.”

She continued, “So this time, my character goes to Asgard and I get to have a few scenes with Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo and Tom Hiddleston, all the characters I missed the last time.”

Check out the clip of Miss Portman”s interview below, and check out “Thor: The Dark World” in theaters on Friday (November 8th)!

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