Natalie Portman: I'm Less Judgmental Thanks to Aleph

Natalie Portman: I'm Less Judgmental Thanks to Aleph

She and her husband Benjamin Millepied welcomed their son Aleph in 2011, and now Natalie Portman is reveals the affects of motherhood on her personality.

During an interview with The Telegraph, the “Thor” beauty opened up about her new perspective on life since giving birth to her darling son.

“I love being a mom. I”m less judgmental than before I had a kid,” Miss Portman explained. “The biggest thing I”ve learned is that parenting is a totally different experience from every person.”

Natalie continues, “Everything is cool, there are no rules – I mean, apart from not hurting your kid. Some people breastfeed until their babies are 5, and some don”t breastfeed at all. There are no rules about what it means to be a feminist, or a good mother. For some, it”s going to be right to go back to work. For others, it”s going to be right to stop working completely.”

The 32-year-old actress also gives credit to her parents for providing her a great example of what parenting is all about. “My parents were wonderful,” she stated. “They were completely present, completely loving, they allowed me to do what I was passionate about and I understand now how much they protected me.”

“I was lucky to act and have a regular household, lifestyle and friends. [They] maintained a calm and normal life for me that was far away from movie land,” she added.