Naomi Watts: Making Rounds in Manhattan

Naomi Watts: Making Rounds in Manhattan

Taking care of a few items on her to-do list, Naomi Watts stepped out of her New York City apartment on Tuesday morning (October 22).

The King Kong cutie braved the chilly autumn weather with a knit toboggan hat and black down jacket as she scurried past the shutterbugs en route to her first appointment.

In the new issue of Allure magazine, Naomi confessed that she went out of her way to get her longtime partner Liev Schreibers attention at the Met Gala almost a decade ago.

Watts shared, “It was a lot more ballsy than I would ever normally be. Normally I want a guy to make the first move, and he wasn”t. Then he got up to say he was leaving and I was like, “Oh, s–t. Probably another couple years are going to pass by.” I was wildly attracted to him and his work, so I said something cheeky as he was about to walk out.

She continued, “I said, “Don”t you want my digits” Because I couldn”t possibly say, “would you like my phone number” It made him laugh. He texted me five minutes later saying, “Would you like to go for a drink now” And I said, “No, I”ll meet you for breakfast tomorrow.””