Nancy Dell"Olio tells HELLO! her relationship with Sir Trevor Nunn is "on hold"

Nancy Dell

Speaking exclusively to ! magazine, Strictly Come Dancing contestant Nancy Dell’Olio has revealed that she and theatre director Sir Trevor Nunn have decided to have a break in their five-month relationship.

“Last month, we decided to put things on hold,” she told !.

“Trevor was busy doing The Tempest (the Haymarket theatre production that he’s directing) and I was busy with different things, so we decided that we needed a bit of time to think about it.

“The problem was that we were in the public eye too much, which was not our decision, and it (the relationship) was running too fast,” she added.

The couple began dating after Sir Trevor separated from his actress wife of 21 years, Imogen Stubbs.

Nancy, of course, is no stranger to high-profile romances – she famously dating ex-England manager Sven Goran Eriksson for nine years.

The feisty Italian businesswoman claims that being in the public eye can make relationships difficult.

“I’ve had a few situations where men got scared of this, but this is my life,” she says. “If a man cannot cope with all this…
“My previous partner, he couldn’t cope with my popularity. Men sometimes find it difficult to cope with a woman who is the centre of attention.”

For now, Nancy is focusing on the other man in her life, her professional partner Anton Du Beke, with whom she is “having a lot of fun.”

She also dismisses claims that there has been backstage tension between her and her fellow contestants, and says that she can be different to her public persona.

“The real me is very private and shy,” she says.

She’s not without self-confidence, however. “People probably find something very fascinating or interesting about me,” she tells !.

“There has to be a reason why I’ve been the centre of attention for the past ten years in this country.”

While there’s a lull in her relationship with Sir Trevor, she is still a romantic.

“Will I get married again” she says. “Probably. And I think I will.”

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