‘Naked and Afraid’ Star — Watch Me Behead this Cannibalistic Snake

Exclusive 080313_naked_and_afraid_launch
Naked and Afraid” star Billy Berger went all King Henry VIII on a snake … chopping off its head without hesitation … but it”s what he discovered afterwards that”s so interesting.

In the never-before-seen-clip of the show — airing tonight — Billy and partner Ky Furneaux try to survive in the Louisiana swamplands for 21 days, naked. Needing food, Billy goes snake hunting. Harder than it sounds.

It”s pretty ridiculous … not only does he catch the snake (which is consistently biting him) … he chops off the serpent”s head like he”s cutting some breakfast sausage.

Even more interesting … the snake has an EVIL  past, revealed when Billy guts him.  It”s creepy.