‘Naked & Afraid’ Stars — Competed On Show Despite Producers’ Gruesome Warning

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Talk about fearless … contestants on “Naked and Afraid” saw how a snake nearly killed one of the TV show”s producers — and still refused to back out of the competition. 

Sources connected to the Discovery show tell our sources the players were warned after Steve Rankin was bitten by a poisonous fer-de-lance snake while location scouting in Costa Rica. Rankin barely survived, and as we previously reported … the flesh rotted right off his foot.

We”re told honchos warned players they could face the same fate as Rankin, and gave them the option to quit the show … which drops naked contestants into the wild and watches them survive.

No one backed down from the potentially deadly danger.

Warning: You can see that danger HERE (if you dare).

The first episode airs tonight, and if you”ve ever wondered how you”d start a fire if you were butt nekkid in Africa — watch this clip.