‘Myrtle Manor’ Star Amanda Lee — DUI VIDEO … ‘I’m On A F**king TV Reality Show!’

Exclusive 042913_myrtle_manor_dui_launch_v2Myrtle Manor” star Amanda Lee Adams had a Reese Witherspoon moment of her own during her DUI arrest, telling police, “I”m on a f**king TV reality show” … and our sources has the crazy arrest footage.

The video is pretty nuts … 26-year-old Amanda runs the gamut of emotions during the Friday morning arrest in South Carolina: 

Confusion — Amanda can”t remember what she had to drink before getting in the car … something around 3 beers and 1 shot. Maybe.

Confidence — Amanda swears she”s a safe driver … and tells cops she”s only in town because she”s on a “f**king TV reality show.”

Desperation — “I have to pee really bad …”

Sadness — Once she bombs the field sobriety test, Amanda is placed under arrest for DUI. That”s when she starts bawlin”. Through the tears, she whines, “My daddy”s gonna hate me.”

As we previously reported, Amanda is accused of slamming her Jeep Wrangler into a power pole. We got the pics of the wreckage … and it ain”t pretty.