Muppet Mess: Miss Piggy Forced to Choose Between Her Dog and Her Frog

Miss Piggy has nothing but stars in her eyes for her number-one frog, Kermit, but apparently her pet poodle, Foo-Foo, felt differently.

The love-struck Muppet was forced to “re-home” her pet, who she says was “getting a little nippy” with “Kermie.”

“[Foo-Foo] really didn”t much care for Kermit, it seems,” Miss Piggy tells PEOPLE.

“She seems to be prejudiced against green people. Anything the color green, she would nip at. So in order to have a future with my Kermie, I had to make that sacrifice.”

“But Foo-Foo is still a part of my life,” she added. “I still see her.”

If Foo-Foo adjusts her attitude, according to Miss Piggy, she will be welcomed back with open arms.

“I am sending Foo-Foo to therapy,” Miss Piggy said. “I am hoping we can all be one happy family sometime in the near future.”