‘Mr. Magorium’ Director to ‘Breaking Bad’ — I Hate My Movie, Too

Exclusive 0924-walter-white-amc-wonder-emporium
The writer/director of “Mr. Magorium”s Wonder Emporium” tells our sources … he harbors no grudges against “Breaking Bad” for trashing his movie, because he also thinks it”s a piece of crap!

In case you didn”t see Sunday”s “Breaking Bad” … STOP READING HERE.

In the episode, Walter White was taken into a secluded home in the woods, with no Internet or cable.  The only entertainment was “Mr. Magorium”s Wonder Emporium” — and there were TWO copies.

Zach Helm, the writer/director of “Magorium” tells our sources … “Having myself endured the ignominy of watching the Technicolor train-wreck that is “Mr. Magorium”s Wonder Emporium” multiple times every day for over a year, I can attest to it being the perfect Kafka-esque Hell for a character of such moral ambiguity as Walter White.”

Zach also said as good as “Breaking Bad” is … the plot line of ANYONE having 2 DVDs of that movie is simply unbelievable.  As he put it, “That is exactly two more copies than are allowed in my house.”

Smart man.