Monty Python: Get Ready For a Reunion!

Monty Python: Get Ready For a Reunion!

Surprising audiences and fans across the globe, the hilarious British troupe Monty Python is reuniting after a more than 30-year hiatus for a one-off comedy show in London!

At a press conference on Thursday (November 21) at London”s Playhouse Theatre, the iconic comedians performed their classic tricks, before announcing the details of their reunion show in London.

“People do really want to see the old hits but we don”t want to do them in a predictable way. The danger is that the audience know the script better than we do,” John Cleese said.

“Yes we will be twerking or is it tweeting We are hoping that people will have forgotten so it will all appear new!” said Eric Idle.

The project will be the first time that the group have appeared on stage together since they performed at the Hollywood Bowl in 1980, which Cleese said “was one of the most enjoyable things I ever did. That was a wonderful festival experience.” He also added, “After a hip replacement and a knee replacement there are certain things I will not be doing.”