Montel Williams — Yup, I’m Baaaaaaack … With a New Show

Exclusive 0816_montell_williams_tmz_article
You can stop wondering where all those pregnant teens, teens in cults, and teens having sex with teachers from the late “90s went … because Montel Williams is about to get his TV thing going again!!

Our daytime sources tell us … Montel — whose show “The Montel Williams Show” was cancelled in 2008 after 17 years on the air — has been in talks to create a new version for some time and it”s finally happening.

We”re told an official announcement won”t be made until mid-September — but the show is definitely going forward and has already started taping. Still unclear where or when it will air … it”s all being kept hush hush.

The show will be similar to Montel”s last show — and will feature interviews with real life people about topics of the day … aka mystery illnesses, psychics, and cult survivors (we hope).