‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano Spends Time in Prison … to Visit Mobster Dad

Exclusive0616_renee_graziano_gettyMob Wives” star Renee Graziano made nice with her mafioso father — Anthony Graziano of the Bonanno crime family — and finally chose to visit him in the slammer for the first time in seven months … our sources has learned.

Sources close to Renee tell our sources she and her 18-year-old son AJ hit up the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn last week to visit her consigliere father. Graziano is serving time for extortion and racketeering charges because Renee”s ex-hubby ratted him out.

According to our sources, Renee felt embarrassed by her ex”s betrayal and that”s why she went so long without seeing her dad.

The three spent a little less than an hour at the prison catching up and we”re told Papa Graziano was especially happy to see his grandson.

Mobsters need love too.