‘Mob Wives’ Star Pia Rizza — I’m Leaking My Own Naked Pictures!

Exclusive 0308-pia-Rizza-mob-wives
When “Mob Wives Chicago” star Pia Rizza found out there were naked pictures of her being shopped to various media outlets … she knew the drill — RELEASE THE PHOTOS HERSELF!!!

Pia tells our sources … she took the racy pics — which she allowed our sources to publish — sometime last year, while still filming “Mob Wives” and sent them to her boyfriend to get some feedback on whether she had the right stuff for Playboy.

But Pia tells us …  the pics somehow got into the wrong hands — and someone was trying to sell them without her permission.

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Playboy Material


Playboy Material

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1.  She doesn”t want anyone making money off of HER image
2.   Yeah, she wants Playboy to notice

So we gotta ask …