Miss Piggy Keeps Paparazzi at Bay by Tossing Cupcakes

Miss Piggy
In the Internet age, it”s harder than ever for celebrities to avoid the prying cameras of the paparazzi – and no one knows that better than Miss Piggy.

“Sometimes they get a little bit too close,” the porcine diva told PEOPLE during a recent interview at the Beverly Hilton. “It is not like they catch my bad side, because I don”t have one. So that is never the problem. The problem is being seen with the wrong guy.”

Piggy”s upcoming movie, The Muppets, is out Friday, and though it”s brought her back in the spotlight, the star says her promotional tour has been “grueling.”

“I am telling you, I have never worked so hard in my life,” Miss Piggy says.

Contrary to her reputation, Miss Piggy insists, “I am not that demanding.”

But, she adds, “I do always have a tray of cupcakes delivered to my trailer every morning.”

And by “a tray of cupcakes,” she means three trays of cupcakes. Though it”s in part to keep pesky paparazzi at bay.

“[The first batch of cupcakes] had Kermit”s face on them,” she explained. “I couldn”t eat those because, well, they had Kermit”s face on them. So I would have another tray of cupcakes delivered. Those I ate. Then I always have a third tray of cupcakes delivered that have [my costar] Amy Adams”s face on them. Those I save to throw at the paparazzi if they get too close.”