Miranda Kerr — Rips ‘Stupid Driver’ … After Unfashionably Late Arrival to Fashion Show

Don”t screw with supermodel Miranda Kerr“s schedule … cuz if you do, she”ll tear you apart in public — like she did today when she ripped her “stupid driver” after he took her to the WRONG fashion show in Paris.

Miranda — who”s in the French capital for Fashion Week — was already late when she arrived by car at the Louis Vuitton show … then discovered — to her horror — that she was supposed to be at a completely different place … the Vionnet show.

With no time to lose — and her rep clearing a path on the sidewalks … Miranda raced to the Vionnet show — not easy to do in high-heeled, thigh-high boots.  

Watch … she”s clearly not happy about her fashion faux pas … and blames it on her  “stupid driver.”