Miranda Kerr Reveals Ultimate Beauty Secrets in Cosmopolitan Australia August 2013

Miranda Kerr Reveals Ultimate Beauty Secrets in Cosmopolitan Australia August 2013

She”s one of the most well known supermodels in the fashion industry, and now Miranda Kerr reveals how she keeps her skin stunning and ageless.

In the August 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan Australia, the former Victoria”s Secret Angel dishes about her KORA makeup products and what”s up next in her modeling career.

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On living the organic lifestyle:
“From a very young age, my family instilled in me an appreciation for healthy living. I grew up in a country town in NSW, and for us it was normal for our vegetables to be hand-picked from my nan”s garden. Nan would explain, while teaching me to cook, the importance of eating healthily. Since then, preparing my own meals using organic ingredients is something I”ve been passionate about. I look forward to sharing her principles and passion for nutrition with Flynn. Nan also introduced me to noni juice when I was 12 and I”ve used it ever since – I drink it twice daily in water. It has hundreds of vitamins and minerals and is high in antioxidants, so it”s great for your skin. It”s also a key ingredient in all my KORA Organics products.”

On her own organic skincare range:
“When I was modelling full-time [at around 18], I became aware of all the chemicals in products, and I searched for years to find a range that was not only certified organic but also delivered results. I was unable to find anything, so I decided to create my own. I launched KORA Organics in 2009, following four years of product development alongside my organic pharmacist. I spent years testing the products myself before being satisfied they were the best and most effective. I developed products I believe in and use every day. I”m proud of the results they achieve and the difference they make to people”s skin. I receive testimonials from customers all over the world who have seen the benefits of using KORA Organics.”

On her modeling future plans:
“I love modeling, and I never say never. If something feels right I”ll do it. At the moment, work is about balance – which includes balancing business, writing and new opportunities with modeling. I have a great relationship with Victoria”s Secret and they have invited me to walk in the show again this year, even though I”m not able to commit to a full contract. They”ve been wonderful. I”ve been modelling for a while and I”ve had many opportunities. But now that my life has evolved and I have a two-year-old, I”ve learnt to balance my life so that he is my priority. I”m passionate about working with brand I love, like Qantas, Clear, Mango, Samantha Thavasa, Victoria”s Secret and Reebok, and my work as an ambassador with Kids Helpline is important to me. They do remarkable work and I”m committed to generating awareness and supporting our next generation of Australians. There are also several business interests and brand associations that I”m exploring. It”s a very exciting time in my life and I feel very blessed.”