Miranda Kerr in Cleo July 2013: My Son is the Best Thing in the Whole World

Miranda Kerr in Cleo July 2013: My Son is the Best Thing in the Whole World

In the midst of her busy career and mommy duties to her two-year-old son Flynn, Miranda Kerr graces the cover of Cleo magazine”s July 2013 issue.

While rocking an emerald dress for the cover shoot, the 30-year-old supermodel opened up about her busy schedule and even reveals the best part about being a mother.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Kerr”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Cleo!

On raising Flynn on an organic diet:
“Life is about a balance so you do the best you can. I try to be 80 percent health and 20 percent indulgent. There are a few indulgences. It depends on my mood and on the day. I studied nutrition so I am very passionate about health and well-being. I like to start my day with a cold pressed organic juice and so does my son – which is amazing! He loves it. But it is also important to be happy. So if you are having a meal with friends and they are serving pasta, then enjoy. Eat the pasta. Don”t deprive yourself of those little luxuries.”

On juggling modeling and time with Flynn:
“It”s called planning. For moms at home I say, when you are with your child it”s important to really be with them. Switch off your phone and really connect with them, and just love them. They are such a lot of hardwork but they are so much fun. For, me, one of my favorite things to do is turn the music on and dance around. Another favorite thing is to just be in our garden and investigate. Flynn will be like, “Oh mommy, what”s this” And I will say, “Oh that”s moss, or that”s a butterfly.”

On the one thing about parenting she loves:
“Everything. My son is the best thing in the whole world. He”s just so charming and he his his own little individual personality so if I can just give him the best nutrients and the best environment for him to grow up in and support and nurture him, then that is all you can do as a mother.”