Miranda Kerr — Deranged Fan Arrested for Threatening to Kill Her

Breaking News 0621-SANDWICH-MAN-miranda-kerrA Massachusetts man has been arrested after allegedly threatening to fly to Los Angeles and kill former Victoria”s Secret model Miranda Kerr.

Steven C. Swanson plead not guilty at his arraignment on Wednesday and a judge ordered him committed for a psych evaluation. His bail was set at $8,000.

According to CapeCodOnline.com, Swanson allegedly called the L.A. County Sheriff”s Dept. and announced his plan. He reportedly referred to her as his “soul mate.”

The Sheriff”s called local police, who arrested Swanson Wednesday at his home. Swanson told cops he was going to L.A. to rescue Kerr. They found several photographs of Kerr and a pellet gun.

Swanson was charged of making a threat involving a firearm … a felony. He is due back in court July 19.