Miranda Kerr: Booby Blunder in Miami

Miranda Kerr: Booby Blunder in Miami

Shes no stranger to posing nude, but Miranda Kerr gave the shutterbugs more than theyd bargained for during a recent project in Miami, Florida.

The gorgeous Aussie supermodel was on her way to a photo shoot for her Kora Organics skincare collection when her black top fell down and exposed both of her lady pillows.

And while the incident appeared to be a complete mishap, it stands to reason that the double nip slip may have inadvertently raised the Kora profile!

Earlier this year, Kerr gushed about the Organics line- “It”s so rejuvenating for the skin and revitalizing. The rosy face oil at night is a must have for me because it puts back all the essential fatty acids back into the skin and it”s anti-aging and super revitalizing.”

“We”ve had such wonderful feedback. For my own skin I see how it helps me, but the amazing response we get back on a daily basis has been so lovely.”