Mindy McCready s Ex: She is Pushing Her Luck Taking Our Son

Mindy McCready
Mindy McCready”s ex-boyfriend has urged her to get help – and says he doesn”t believe the country singer understands the gravity of what she”s done by taking their son despite a court order.

“I don”t think [she understands]. I think she believes she has a case and doesn”t realize she”s pushing her luck on this one,” Billy McKnight said Friday on the Today show.

He said he believes she won”t be a fit mother “until she completes the case plan,” and added, “You know, we have gone through this in the past, and there”s people out there who can help you, and if you can take that help you can get back on track.”

“I”ve been through it,” says McKnight, who was charged with attempted murder in 2005, when he allegedly assaulted McCready. “I got back on track, my life is in order, I”m doing things right now. She has that opportunity. Instead of taking it, she chooses to abut it. I wish she would do what”s right.”

McCready told the Associated Press Wednesday that she likely won”t return 5-year-old Zander to Florida, and revealed that she and her son are in Nashville.

After taking the boy from her father, who has custody with her mother, in Florida on Tuesday, a judge ordered the child returned by Thursday evening. McCready, 36, is legally allowed visitations with her child, and has said she was working with lawyers to get the matter resolved.

The good news, said McKnight, is that Zander seems to be doing well.

“She sounded OK, she sounded upset with the situation,” he said. “My son sounded really well. He sounded OK, I think he misses me … he did sound healthy and OK.”

He also refuted McCready”s claims that Zander is being abused by her mother, Gayle Inge.

“I do not agree with that at all. He”s a very healthy kid, a very happy kid,” McKnight said. “I have a great relationship with [McCready”s] mother … I”ve never seen anything that would lead me to believe that at all.”