Mindy Kaling Talks Massive Jewelry Collection

Mindy Kaling Talks Massive Jewelry Collection

Shes experienced tons of career success over the past decade, and now Mindy Kaling can pretty much buy anything she wants.

The Mindy Project babe confessed that she loves to load up on accessories that are bold and flashy, though sometimes her excessive jewelry can create major problems.

Kaling explained, “I like jewelry that”s big. I like conspicuous jewelry! For the most part, I like for my jewelry to make me feel dainty — not the other way around.”

“At the airport, it takes me 30 minutes to get through security with all of my jewelry. It”s so decadent and gorgeous. I love mens watches because they fit loosely like a bracelet.”

Mindy also shared, “I have an overtly “new money” aesthetic — I am the child of immigrants after all! But mixed with a healthy dose of Anne of Green Gables. That was my favorite show growing up. I love color, rhinestones, patterns, but I also love the overtly buttoned-up, long sleeved, layered feminine look of women from the turn of the century.”