Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase — I Don’t Speak to Virgil Anymore

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They were as close as a man and his speedo-wearing bodyguard could be … but now, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase tells our sources his relationship with Virgil is completely non-existent.  

DiBiase was leaving JFK with his wife yesterday when we asked the WWE legend if he had read recent reports that Virgil was now broke and selling t-shirts on a subway platform in NYC to survive.

“That”s what I”ve heard,” Ted told us … “I haven”t talked to him in a long time.”

Still, Ted says he still considers Virgil a friend and sounded concerned for his former wrestling partner.

As for Virgil, a our sources staffer saw him in the subway recently and tried to speak with the guy … but Virgil made it clear he didn”t want to talk.