Miley Cyrus: "You are 20, You are Supposed to be a Mess"

Miley Cyrus:

Justifying her wild behavior as just a part of growing up, Miley Cyrus spoke about life at age 20 in an interview with the Associated Press.

The “We Can”t Stop Singer” claimed everyone needs time to experiment, explaining, “Thats why I think some people kind of fall off and they end up going crazy because you dont give yourself time to go crazy.

Enjoying this time in her life, she continued, “Thats what youre supposed to do; you are 20, you are supposed to be a mess because you havent figured it out yet, and 10 years from now I am supposed to have it all together.”

However, the former Disney darling thinks people misjudge her, sharing, “But people think a mad scientist somehow cooked up this potion and turned me in to a different human, which it wasnt. All I did was get a haircut and buy some clothes and everyone thinks that I am made into a robot that changes with whats popular every 10 years.