Miley Cyrus: Summertime Sexy in NYC

Miley Cyrus: Summertime Sexy in NYC

Taking a break from her promotional duties, Miley Cyrus headed back to her hotel in New York City this afternoon (June 26).

And the We Cant Stop songstress had all eyes on her thanks to a sports bra-style top with parachute pants and gold sandals as she greeted her anxiously-waiting fans.

During her chat with Jimmy Kimmel last night, Miley shared her experience hanging out with Snoop Lion/Dogg.

“I just call him “Snoop.” I”m not actually that sure [how we met]. I started hanging out with him in the studio and I worked with [producer] Diplo a little bit … He comes by the studio, he listens to my music, and he”s excited about what I”m doing with my career, so it”s cool. We”re more alike than you would think. We”re very similar. He actually said that.”

And this morning on Good Morning America, Cyrus gave a shout out to her loyal followers. “I”ve got a really bomb fanbase, and they”re the ones that are getting it to be 33 million views. And my whole thing is: Haters are gonna hate, but haters are also going to click on your YouTube video to watch it. So I don”t really care. You help me break the record, even if you were watching just to hate on me. So I win.”