Miley Cyrus Reportedly Pens Apologetic Letter to Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Reportedly Pens Apologetic Letter to Liam Hemsworth

In the public eye Miley Cyrus appears to be loving her single life, but new reports reveal that she is actually feeling the harsh realities of her split from fiance Liam Hemsworth.

The “We Can”t Stop” hitmaker allegedly penned an open letter to her former love detailing how much she misses him and how she regrets the way she treated him.

Sources close to the 20-year-old singer state that she wrote the “Hunger Games” hunk a heartfelt letter to apologize for “acting so mad” at the end of their relationship.

“As time has gone on and the anger subsided, Miley has really started to feel the pain of the split,” a source told The Sun. “She thought about writing some songs, but then decided why write a letter to Liam to tell him exactly how she feels.”

The source continued, “Miley admitted to Liam she has pushed him away and said sorry for acting so mad. Miley says in her letter she still loves Liam deeply and has asked him to meet up. It could be for closure or it could be to start again, but she wants to see him and talk things through.”

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