Miley Cyrus — NOT Singing About Ecstasy … Says Producer

Exclusive 0604-miley-cyrus-getty-we-cant-stopMiley Cyrus is NOT singing about ecstasy in her new single “We Can”t Stop” … despite what seems to be an OBVIOUS lyrical reference to the drug … so says the guy who produced the track.

The controversy is centered around the hook of the song — in which it SOUNDS like Miley”s saying, “We like to party/ Dancing with Molly/ Doing whatever we want.”

Unhip Old Person Translation: “Dancing with Molly” is slang for partying on ecstasy.

But a rep for the song”s producer Mike WiLL Made It tells our sources … the whole thing is a giant misunderstanding because what Cyrus is REALLY singing is … “Dancing with MILEY.”

As for the lyric about people “trying to get a line in the bathroom” … the rep wouldn”t say if Miley was talking about cocaine … but HELLO!!!