Miley Cyrus: ??I??m Gonna Do Music For The Rest Of My Life?

Miley Cyrus: ??I??m Gonna Do Music For The Rest Of My Life?

Shes never short on words, and Miley Cyrus gave quite an interview for her MTV documentary The Movement that aired last night (October 2).

During the special, the Party in the USA singer made sure everyone knew that shes gone from Hannah Montana to the bad b*tch I really am.

Furthermore, her outrageous actions as of late have actually been precisely calculated- Every decision goes into a bigger plan For me, the movement has to be bigger than just a record. For me, a movement represents like taking over the world.

Miley also noted, Its not a transition Im the same human. Ive got the same heart I did five years ago, although shes transitioned away from acting for good- Im never doing that again. Im gonna do music for the rest of my life.

Earlier this year, Cyrus spent three months living in Philadelphia as she recorded her Bangerz album. It was the best time of my life. I was in a little apartment, and I was like a real person for a minute.

The Wrecking Ball babe also declared that Britney Spears is her role model- Everythings about whats going to be the biggest moment in pop culture Shes got so many of those moments that people will never forget. Its about living and being in that moment.

And Miley is all about doing whatever she wants to with her art- Were in 2013. I live in America where were the land of the free, and I feel like if you cant express yourself, youre not very free. Any time I do something, I want to remember this is what separates me from everybody else. Theres no other life for me but entertaining. I was like born to become who I am right now.