Miley Cyrus Drops By SiriusXM Studios

Miley Cyrus Drops By SiriusXM Studios

Having a blast in the Big Apple, Miley Cyrus showed up at SiriusXM Studios for some promotional duties this morning (June 27).

The Party in the USA dame plugged her new single and made sure to take plenty of pictures in the lobby photo booth.

Meanwhile, Cyrus music video director Diane Martel recently spoke out against the criticism aimed at Mileys new clip for her We Cant Stop.

“We set out to make something we would love and we did I don”t see this video as shocking, it”s creative.”

Martel also discussed the planning process- “We spoke a lot and sent photos back and forth; we spoke about her love of her close friends. She is not a career-crazed kid. Her music is intensely important to her but so is her social life; [so] we spoke about the joy of tight friendships. To me, she is showing us, the audience, her playful, beautiful self, very freely. [It”s] a music video version of what it must be like to bug out and act crazy with her in real life.”