Miley Cyrus Celebrates 21 with a Big Bash

Miley Cyrus Celebrates 21 with a Big Bash

Making for quite a memorable evening, Miley Cyrus rang in her 21st birthday with a big bash at Beacher”s Madhouse in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 24).

The “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker, who turned 21 on Saturday (November 23) reportedly reserved the entire venue for the party which was held after the 2013 American Music Awards.

During the awards show, Miss Cyrus enjoyed a cupcake and champagne backstage with her pal Kelly Osbourne and makeup artist Denika Bedrossian.

Kelly took to her Instagram account with a snapshot of her, Miley and Denika with the caption, “Thank god she is finally legal!”

Soon after the show, Miss Cyrus and her group headed out to the club, where she was greeted by strippers who put on a special show.

Not only were strippers involved in the celebration, but also a unknown man dressed as a Lorax character enjoyed the festivities as well.