Miley Cyrus?? Cannabis Confession

Miley Cyrus?? Cannabis Confession

Shes all about destroying her squeaky clean child star image, and Miley Cyrus told the world about her pot-smoking antics in a recent interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

During her promotional trip to Europe, the Cant Be Tamed dame paid a visit to a coffee shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands and ended up sticking around for seven hours.

Cyrus shared, “There was business and pleasure. But [the Amsterdam trip] was more pleasure. It wasn”t on the map. I had never been there before so obviously I needed to go.”

When Carr commented on photos from the outing, Miley joked, “Did I look different going in than I did going out Didn”t you know that coffee [in Amsterdam] makes your eyes like this and gives you mad cotton mouth”

Furthermore, Cyrus assured Alan, “Duh. It”s Amsterdam. It”s kind of like being in California but across the world. I saw more things than I had seen probably in my lifetime. We got there late, probably at like three in the morning, and I saw some red lights and purple lights and thought oh what”s that, that looks pretty” and then just started walking towards the lightsand there you go!”