Miles Teller Hints at "Fantastic Four" Reboot Involvement

Miles Teller Hints at

As rumors continue to circulate about the “Fantastic Four” reboot, Miles Teller reveals he may be involved with the production.

During his interview with Fandango, the “Project X” star admits he”s been in talks to take on the role as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but another film may prevent his involvement.

When asked about “Fantastic Four” Teller states, “Uh, you know, I don”t know. If that happens, if everything works out, then I”ll be pretty pumped.”

“But then I”ll be also working for… it”s like seven months out of your year. Which is not a bad problem,” he adds.

Miles also confirmed that he will be reprising his role in the sequel of the upcoming film “Divergent” entitled “Insurgent.”

The film is set to begin filming in Spring 2014, which may interfere with “Fantastic Four.”