Mila Kunis Has Best Interview EVER: Watch Here!

Mila Kunis Has Best Interview EVER: Watch Here!

Given that shes been doing non-stop press duties for Oz the Great and Powerful for months, Mila Kunis was genuinely thrilled when BBC Radio interview Chris Stark allowed her to quit talking about the film during their recent chat.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall hottie began by talking about what it was like to play an ugly person for once (shes a witch in the movie).

Yeah, you know, why not Its fun to have a lot of prosthetics on and not necessarily concern yourself with what you look like, she shared.

But from there, Stark ended up going way off script and talking with Mila about everything from Jager bombs to soccer matches, and even invited her to go with him to his friends wedding in June.

Check out the video below for what just might be the best celebrity interview ever.