Mike Tyson’s Wife Lakiha Spicer — Files Lawsuit Over Threatening Emails

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Mike Tyson“s wife is suing someone, or someones, she blames for continually harassing her and threatening her safety over the Internet … our sources has learned.

We obtained a copy of the docs filed today in L.A. County … in which Lakiha Spicer states she”s been receiving emails threatening her life and her family”s life.

According to the suit, the defendant — who is only identified by an IP address — is also “extorting” and “making false allegations and accusations” against Lakiha.

The docs do not list any specific threats, but Lakiha says the repeated contact is causing her emotional distress.

Lakiha”s retained famed attorney Mark Geragos to handle the case.

Oh, and her husband is freakin” MIKE TYSON!!

These are not smart criminals.