Mike Tyson — I SUCKED AT PUNCH-OUT … Couldn’t Even Beat Glass Joe

Exclusive 072413_mike_tyson_launch
Glass Joe was a BUM — a talentless, pathetic sissy who got beat down by just about everyone who owned a Nintendo back in the “80s … everyone except THE REAL MIKE TYSON!!!!

Tyson was leaving Crustacean in Beverly Hills last night when we brought up the greatest video of all time — not Contra, not Tetris, not even Ninja Gaiden … we”re talkin” Mike Tyson”s Punch-Out for the NES.

But despite the fact his 8-bit alter ego was almost impossible to defeat, flesh-and-blood Tyson says he was so bad at the game, he couldn”t get past the 1st character … Glass Joe.

Mike says he didn”t really get into video games until 2006, 2007 … but now he LOVES “em … and says he”s even become obsessed with a couple of titles.

BTW, Mike … if you ever get the urge to crack open MTPO, just remember — 007-373-5963.

You”re welcome.