Michelle Trachtenberg Talks "Killing Kennedy" in Regard October 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg Talks

With her made-for-TV movie “Killing Kennedy” slated to hit the small screen November 10th, Michelle Trachtenberg soaked up the spotlight by covering the October 2013 issue of Regard magazine.

During her Q&A session with the publication, the “Gossip Girl” star dished about her career and even shared details about taking the role as Lee Harvey Oswald”s wife, Marina.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Trachtenberg”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Regard!

On her career:
“I”m sure people still hold onto those characters, but to me, that just says I”ve made a solid impression. I”ve done my job and i”m grateful for their support. However, I am an actress to me is being a mysterious chameleon. All I”ve ever asked of my fans is that they understand. I”m always changing as a creative person, and I don”t look backwards. Hopefully they”ll want to grow with me.”

On “Killing Kennedy”:
“I was very intrigued that Marina [Oswald], who is sill alive, was a little-known person in the famous JFK story. Having a Russian background, I also was interested in the challenge of bringing that authentic accent/Russian-speaking part of her character to the screen. Plus, I”ve always been a fan of the JFK story and all of the mystery surrounding it. This is the first film to really focus on the Oswalds and bring to light some of the reason behind the choices that led to Lee Havey Oswald”s horrible act.”