Michelle Rodriguez — ‘Not Too Keen’ on Being in Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto

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It”s usually an HONOR to be named one of the most 6 beautiful people in the world … unless the person doing the naming is a scumbag cop killer … this according to Michelle Rodriguez.

The “Fast & Furious 6” star was walking around Venice Beach this weekend when our photog asked what she thought about being mentioned by name in Christopher Dorner“s rambling manifesto as “one of the MOST beautiful women on this planet, period.” 

Rodriguez responded, “Oh man, is that that killer dude”

Of course, Dorner was the subject of a state-wide manhunt after allegedly killing 3 people, including a cop. He killed a 4th person during the final shootout in Big Bear, CA last week. Dorner also died in the fire fight.

As for the mention in the manifesto … M-Rod told us, “I”m not too sure if I”m too keen on that,” adding … “Not like I”d like to be a killer”s favorite person.”

Rodriguez wasn”t the only celebrity mentioned in Dorner”s bizarre statement … he also gave a shoutout to Charlie Sheen, Tim Tebow, Anthony Bourdain, Larry David and Lisa Lampanelli.

Michelle found a silver lining in the creepy situation … saying, “I”m not in bad company though, I”m not alone.”