Michael Vick’s New Dog — The Most Dangerous Breed for A Dog Killer

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Michael Vick“s new dog is the WORST possible breed for a convicted dog killer … and that”s from the official organization that breeds the dog.

The American Belgian Malinois Club and Rescue tells our sources, the group is very concerned that Vick is allowed to own ANY dog, but the Belgian Malinois is especially problematic.  The breed is highly trainable and they could easily become dangerous if they land in the wrong hands.

Vick, as you know, ended up training pit bulls to fight and kill.

Belgian Malinois — which are frequently used by the military and police — have the same fighting potential as pit bulls. 

Although the organization thinks dogs should be off-limits in the Vick household, they believe a more docile pooch — like a lab — would be way more appropriate.

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Vick deserves another chance


Vick deserves another chance

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