Michael Strahan — Living In a $20 Million Lap of Luxury

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Being Kelly Ripa“s #2 sure does pay … just ask Michael Strahan, who”s throwing down serious cash to rent a $20 MILLION mega mansion in Beverly Hills … adjacent.

Michael and hot fiancée Nicole Murphy sold their Bel Air home earlier this week for $11 million.  Get this … they bought it for $7.9 mil a year ago.  Yeah, we hate “em too.

Here”s the problem — they”re currently homeless  … so for the time being they”re renting a 10,575-square-foot casa in Beverly Park.

FYI — Beverly Park”s a celeb magnet — residents have included Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, Tim McGraw, Wayne Gretzky, Samuel Jackson … the list goes on.

We don”t have the exact rental price, but estates like this rent in the $100,000 / month range.  In the meantime Michael and his realtor Bob Hurwitz are on the hunt for a permanent place.

Until then … Michael and Nicole have to settle for the Italian style villa, with 8 bedrooms, 10 baths, guest house, perfectly manicured grounds, fountains up the wazoo, and resort style pool.

Sure beats a 2 bedroom in Van Nuys.