Michael Moore — Guns Don’t Kill People … Americans Kill People

Michael Moore says he wasn”t shocked by last week”s shooting at LAX … saying gun attacks are just part of the “country we live in.”

Moore was at LAX — the very site where Paul Ciancia opened fire on TSA workers on November 1, killing one and injuring several other people — when he was asked about the gun violence that”s taken place in our country since he released “Bowling for Columbine” in 2002.

“Nothing changes … it”s the country we live in,” Moore said … “Legally purchased gun, bullets.”

“There”s a reason why this doesn”t happen in Canada, in Ireland, in France … they have the occasional craziness, but it”s not on a weekly or monthly basis.”

Moore concluded — “I think the NRA they got it half-right when they say “Guns don”t kill people, people kill people.” I change it to “Guns don”t kill people, Americans kill people.””

He added … “Why”