Michael Lohan Pays Massive Delinquent Child Support Bill

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Michael Lohan
is no longer a deadbeat dad — not that he”s an upstanding one mind you, but at least he”s current on his child support.

We got proof he just paid ex-wife Dina Lohan $30,422 in back child support.

And here”s how he got there.  Michael was ordered to pay $1,500 per month for his minor children … but he didn”t, so the bill ballooned over the years.

FYI, only one of the Lohan kids — 16-year-old Cody — is still underage.  It”s likely the back child support also covers the time when Lindsay”s lil” sister Ali was a minor (she”s 19 now).

Michael paid just in the nick of time … Dina went to court last month, asking a judge to hold Michael in contempt … but Michael apparently beat the judge to the punch by cutting the check.

Michael tells our sources, “I admit I withheld part of [Cody”s] child support because I was angry about certain things that were happening … I was wrong and I”m making things right with Dina and my children.”

As for Dina … she says she”s grateful, but needs to know he”ll keep paying until Cody becomes an adult.