Michael Lohan — I’ll Hire a GOOD Lawyer for Lindsay

Exclusive 0301_lohan_mark_hellar_article

Michael Lohan is taking the judge in Lindsay Lohan“s criminal case to heart … he agrees Mark Heller is a dummy on the subject of California law … and he wants to foot the bill for a competent attorney.

Michael tells our sources … He”s already lined up a California criminal defense lawyer who will take the case and they”ve already negotiated a fee … a fee that Michael will pay.

Michael is ballistic over Mark Heller, telling us, “This guy is a loser and will drag her down. I already started to pray to God that Lindsay fires him before it”s too late.”

Michael adds, “Any professional, respectable, or sure-footed lawyer would never conduct himself in this matter.”

Parting shot: “This guy has 2 left feet that keep leading him into a wall.”