Michael Lohan — I Got Octomom Into Treatment

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He failed miserably at getting Lindsay Lohan to enter rehab — but Michael Lohan was one of the main reasons Octomom is now getting help for drug abuse … because he personally arranged for her treatment program … our sources has learned.
Michael tells us, he”s been running a nonprofit organization based in Florida for the last nine months that stages interventions for people in need of substance abuse treatment … and so far, he”s already performed over 25.

Sources close to Michael tell us, Octomom”s manager recently voiced her concerns to him about the mother of 14″s Xanax dependency — so Michael decided to take action last week, making arrangements for Octomom”s treatment program.

According to sources, Octomom”s team — with Michael”s help — then staged an intervention, and Octo agreed to get help.

Michael tells us, “The most important thing is the willingness to realize and surrender to the issue and commit to getting help, which Nadya did!”

He adds, “If it wasn’t for her manager Gina, my good friend, Tim Chapman at the Chapman house/Teen savers and Gina”s daughter, this would not have been possible. They deserve a lot of credit!”

Octo”s currently in a 30-day in-patient program, but she still gets to call her kids twice a day.