Michael Lohan "Hopes" but "Doesn't Think" Rehab Will Help Lindsay

Michael Lohan

Although many are hoping another try at rehab will be the answer for Lindsay Lohan, her father Michael Lohan is speaking his mind on whether or not treatment will be successful.

On Thursday (April 11), Michael called in to TMZ Live where he explained that although he “hopes” LiLo will succeed in her upcoming rehab stint, he “doesn”t think” that will be the case.

The 52-year-old also clued viewers in as to what Lindsay will be treated for, claiming she will be quitting a number of addictions and referred to “drugs, pills, and cocaine.”

Displeased with some of her choices, Michael also dished on his views about the troubled actress attending the upcoming Coachella festival, calling it one of the “worst ideas she could have ever had.”