Michael Lohan — Doc Gooden’s Talking Out of His Ass

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Michael Lohan
says he”s not surprised that ex-MLB star Dwight “Doc” Gooden is trash talking him  … telling our sources, Gooden is still bitter because Michael recently tried to get him to go back to rehab.

Michael — who was on “Celebrity Rehab” with Gooden in 2011 — tells us, “I am sorry that Dwight is in such a bad place. He used to stay in touch with me but he fell off the wagon and into his dugout mode.”

Michael is lashing back after Gooden told Jim Rome that he believes Michael is responsible for Lindsay Lohan going off the rails.

Michael is obviously upset, adding, “I am surprised he said that, but maybe it”s because I work in the recovery business and I recently tried to get him to go into treatment.”

He adds, “I guess he isn”t throwing strike outs as much as striking out himself. Just another wild pitch! I hope he gets well.”