Michael Jackson s doctor sentenced to maximum prison term

Michael Jackson

The medic has been in custody since a Los Angeles court found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter in early November.

Delivering the sentence, Judge Michael Pastor condemned the doctor for “abandoning his patient” and “playing Russian roulette” with the singer”s life.
“Dr Murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine,” he added.

In keeping with his demeanour for much of the trial, the physician remained unemotional as his fate was read out in the courtroom.

The king of pop”s family and lawyers had pushed for the cardiologist to receive the maximum penalty.

Their case centres on the fact that he administered lethal doses of the anaesthetic propofol in order to treat the singer”s chronic insomnia.

As well as his prison term, the doctor also stands to lose his medical license.

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