Michael Jackson was "best father", son Prince Jackson says on 5th anniversary of death

Michael Jackson was
Prince Jackson has vowed to keep the legend of his father, the King of Pop, going for as long as he can.

The 17-year-old spoke in a rare interview about his late parent, who passed away in 2009, as the family marks five years since they lost him on June 25. He revealed that Michael Jackson as a loving dad is an image that is rooted in his memory despite only being a youngster at the time of death.

Prince Jackson has spoken about his late father, five years after his death

“We want to keep my dad’s legend alive,” he told The Sun newspaper about himself and his 16-year-old sister Paris plus 12-year-old Blanket”s plans. “He was the best father anybody could have. He raised us the right way and there is nothing anyone can do to make us forget about him.”

Not only does Prince view MJ as his hero due to his paternal ways but the performer was constantly giving to those he didn’t even know. The teenager – who is carving out a screen career of his own by trying his hand at TV presenting, also acting on 90210 – explained that Michael was a philanthropist by nature.

“He was always concerned about humanity. He helped many charities. In his songs his message was simple — love. We will continue to spread his message,” he continued.

Prince Jackson

While Michael was very much in the spotlight and on the world’s screens throughout his childhood and as an adult, Prince somewhat wants to follow in his father’s footsteps but has additional plans. He wants to rule the entertainment industry from behind the camera too.

I would like to be a director one day. But to be a good director you have to know how an actor works and feels on set,” he shared. “I want to learn my craft and experience being in TV shows and possibly movies before I even consider going behind the camera.”

Michael Jackson