Michael Jackson — Takes Huge Fall in Last Photoshoot

YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!! 091913_michael_jackson_wenn_launch_v3
Michael Jackson wasn”t always smooth on his feet — the King of Pop took a nasty trip and fall while posing for his final magazine spread … and our sources has hysterical video of the accident.

Little background: MJ was doing a photoshoot in 2007 that was eventually published in L”Uomo Vogue and Ebony Magazine (below) later that year — legendary photog Bruce Weber took the pics, and blah, blah, blah … Michael tripped over a set piece, and took a dive during the session!


Not much more to it, but it is awesome to watch a roomful of people scramble when MJ falls.

Michael was fine … he jumped up, gave a thumbs up, and laughed at his clumsiness while finishing the shoot — his last before dying 2 years later.

So, moonwalk — no problem. Standing upright — ehhhh …