Michael Jackson — Billion Dollar Man

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Michael Jackson could have raked in as much as $1.5 billion had he lived … at least that”s what an entertainment money man told jurors today in MJ”s wrongful death case.

Accounting guru Arthur Erk testified … Jackson could have earned minimum $1.1 billion if he performed a worldwide concert and showcased his music in Las Vegas.  And Erk felt if ticket prices were high enough, the figure would soar to $1.5 bil by the time Michael turned 65.

There are a couple of problems.  First, MJ never planned a worldwide tour.  The “This Is It” tour was limited to London.  Second, the family is seeking more than $40 billion.

Another interesting thing … Erk said he deducted what he felt Jackson would have spent between age 50 and age 65, when he hypothetically would have retired — $134 million.

Oh the struggles of living on a budget.