Michael J. Fox Returns to TV in "The Michael J. Fox Show": Watch Here!

Michael J. Fox Returns to TV in

It”s been years since he”s starred in a television series, but this season, Michael J Fox will return to the small screen in “The Michael J. Fox Show.”

Portraying a character who, like Fox, has Parkinson”s disease, the “Back to the Future” star plays news anchor Mike Henry, who is returning to work while coping with the condition.

In the sneak peek, the 52-year-old actor explains why he decided to make his own return, saying, “I found myself working more, lately, in the last few years and enjoying it a lot. Finally coming to a realization that, this is what I do. I have challenges that come with Parkinson”s, but my experience is to deal with things through humor.”

Check out the video below and look for “The Michael J. Fox Show,” co-starring Betsy Brandt, Wendell Pierce, and Anne Heche, on NBC on September 26th.