Michael Crabtree — I’m the ‘FUTURE OF THE NFL’

Exclusive 032713_crabtree_bryant_launch
Michael Crabtree“s ego has fully recovered from that huge blown call that cost him the Super Bowl — because he now boldly predicts … he is the FUTURE OF THE NFL!

The funniest part is … we weren”t even talking about him when he said it.

Here”s the scene: the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver was leaving BOA Steakhouse with Dallas Cowboys stud receiver Dez Bryant last night — and we asked the young stars about NFL rule changes intended to protect players from head injuries.

Neither guy replied … so we moved on to another topic.

Now, let”s play this like “Jeopardy.”

Crabtree”s answer is … “You ever seen the future of the NFL The 2 hottest receivers in the game”

So, what was the question

Hint: it has NOTHING to do with Crabtree”s or Bryant”s talents.